Information about security and authentication

Background analysis

With the development of Internet technology, network security has become more and more popular in daily life, and network security has gradually become the focus of wide attention of people. The security demands that follow have been put on the agenda.

Six ways to leak Information

Six ways to leak Information

Four major problems of password security

Four major problems of password security

In the face of many personal and corporate privacy and property security problems, Seamoon technology co., LTD. Has developed a dynamic password authentication solution.

Knowledge of dynamic cryptography

Noun explanation
Dynamic cryptographic medium

The dynamic password solutions of Seamoon are all in the form of hardware token and APP

Dynamic password type
Dynamic password type

Dynamic password token usage


Time-based dynamic password authentication solutions are divided into long-display time tokens, key-based time tokens and APP-based time-based dynamic tokens.


Event-type token use the mechanism of server and token key number event calculation synchronization to produce one-time dynamic password OTP, and adopts the mechanism of synchronous event to generate dynamic password.

Challenge response type

Challenge response type dynamic token use the challenge response and one-time password algorithm is a combination of dynamic password authentication token integration and function of online trading signature, in the process of the realization of the input data, all data input operation through data input device input directly to the electronic signature work, be safe, reliable, and easy to use, easy to operate. The token has the function of starting PIN code protection to protect the user token from being misappropriated, misused and identity fraud. The challenge response token can provide a fully functional, highly secure authentication solution for customers.